Event Management

‘Keslowena ha Kevewyansow!’ Congratulations and Celebrations!

What do you want your audience to experience? How do you want them to feel? When it comes to engineering events, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Golden Tree has been creatively producing happenings for over ten years. From Cornish language family trails and community lectures, to large scale high-impact performances and touring theatre productions, all of our projects are deeply rooted in Cornish heritage and creativity and are relevant to the audience.

Our track record says it all. When the largest mechanical puppet ever constructed in Britain steamed the length of Cornwall in the summer of 2016, he seismically changed the Cornish cultural landscape. The Big Boy was consequently awarded ‘Best Arts Project’ in the 2016 National Lottery Awards.

Plen An Gwari was a National Lottery Heritage Fund project, uncovering the amazing treasure of Cornwall’s theatrical heritage. We researched and celebrated ‘lost’ Plen an Gwari (medieval Cornish amphitheatres), re-animating the extraordinary tradition of immersive medieval theatre events across Cornwall.

Our Kernocopia: Cultural Olympiad project cross-pollinated sporting heritage and art. We accompanied the Olympic Torch from Land’s End across the length of Cornwall, and participated in the opening celebrations in Weymouth, putting Cornwall’s sporting heritage on a world stage.

We can help you creatively produce an event that might just bring about a paradigm shift.

“The Man Engine was a unique heritage experience which was both exciting and educational, and which will set the bar for subsequent heritage engagement initiatives.”  
– Stuart Griffin, Swansea University.

“A success! There were plenty of participants and all were pleased with the activities, the treats and the interaction with everyone throughout the treasure trail. All who took part to help host this event were outstanding in their energy and assistance.” 
– Business Owner, Penzance