Cornish Language

‘Den heb tavas a gollas y dir!’ Lose your language, lose your land!

Golden Tree is much, much more than just a translation service.

Whether you’re looking for Cornish language signage, a one-off advertising campaign, or brand documents and guidelines, we will find ways to creatively embed the language at the heart of your business.

Our Cornish language services are:  

  • Playful: the Cornish language, with its ever-evolving vocabulary and culturally rich heritage is both innovative and exciting.
  • Accessible: we know that unfamiliar languages can be intimidating. We devise ways of using Cornish that are friendly and engaging for both non-speakers and for Cornish speakers of all abilities.
  • Accurate: everything we produce is accurate (in both English and Cornish) using the Standard Written Form.

Golden Tree has been awarded Cornwall Council’s ‘Cornish Language Learning and Communication Fund’ for four consecutive years, delivering the Go Cornish online platform, and the Cornish language school delivery programme across Cornwall. You can have confidence in our expertise.

“Golden Tree has developed an excellent programme of teaching Cornish to school children and the wider community. The company has an excellent team of fluent Cornish speakers who are confident and experienced educators. They bring energy and imagination to this work, and their positivity has driven the success of the Go Cornish project.” 
– Mark Trevethan, Cornwall Council

“Thank you so much for visiting our classroom – we had the best time! The staff and children have been left feeling really inspired and enthusiastic about learning Cornish. They’re even answering the register in Cornish!” 
– Ms Reed, Treloweth School