Our Crew

‘Dewgh ha metya gans an teylu’ Come and meet the family

Cornwall has such a rich ecology of creative people – you can always discover more amazing folk to make things happen.

Our core team keep things ticking along but we also work with freelance aerial choreographers, vocalists, puppeteers, linguists, welders, sculptors, musicians, choir leaders, filmmakers, Cornish hedgers, riggers, illustrators, academics, sailors, engineers, digital wizards, performers, educators and inventors to deliver our projects. We cherry-pick the very best from our wider gang of associates, making sure the right talent is on board for whatever project is cooking.

We are a diverse-led and open-minded organisation. Protected characteristics and whatever makes you you are just part of the diversity we actively celebrate within our team. Find out how to join our crew and get involved with our work on our jobs page.

Here’s our core team…

  • Will Coleman, artistic director and cultural entrepreneur at Golden Tree

    Will Coleman

    Artistic Director

    Will calls himself a ‘cultural entrepreneur’; he says he tries to earn a living from doing stuff he loves to do. Sometimes he’s a filmmaker, sometimes an author, a musician or an educational consultant, sometimes there’s not really a word for what he does. His major interests are Cornish language and identity, traditional music and culture, community celebration and ‘place-based’ learning.

    Will’s previous incarnations include performer, director and musician with Kneehigh Theatre, professional storyteller and deputy-head of a large primary school. Recently he’s been spending a lot of time building Cornish hedges…

  • Vicki is Company Manager and the glue that holds our projects and people together

    Vicki Kent

    Company Manager

    Vicki is Company Manager and the glue that holds our projects and people together. Having qualified as a Veterinary Nurse, she’s had a variety of roles over the years including working as a Bank Clerk, Finance & Admin Manager for Devon & Cornwall Police and Operations Manager for TRAC, a Regulatory Affairs Consultancy.

    Vicki moved to Cornwall from the Midlands when she was eight years old. She is married with two kids and a collie called Luna. In her spare time, she is a horror fanatic and loves a good scare (especially if zombies are involved).

  • Eve Power-Brown covers office admin organising events, maintaining the office administration and assisting with communications and marketing.

    Stephanie Thomas

    Office Administrator

    Steph is our office administrator and brings a wealth of experience from various environments. She holds a BSc in Physics from Exeter University and has worked in a variety of different roles over the years, from  Office Manager at a local sawmill, to Commercial Manager at TRAC, a Regulatory Affairs Consultancy and, most recently,  as an administrator within the adult social care sector.

    Steph was born in Cornwall and has lived here for most of her life, she is married and has a greyhound called Ramesses.

  • Rosie Leo

    Communications Manager

    Rosie grew up in Cornwall and has nine years of experience of working in Cornish arts organisations and businesses.

    She holds a first-class BA in Arts & Events Management from the Arts University Bournemouth and an MA in Curatorial Practice from Falmouth University.

    Rosie works full-time for Golden Tree, looking after Marketing and Communications.

  • Nia Robertson

    School Engagement Officer

    Nia was born and brought up in Wales and is a fluent Welsh language speaker. She studied at Cardiff University and has a BA in Welsh Literature and Education. She also has a PGCE and was a primary school teacher for over 20 years.

    She moved to Cornwall in 2014 with her husband, four children and Magi the dog. She decided to learn Cornish, and although not fluent yet, she is progressing well!

    She is the first point of contact for schools who wish to join our Go Cornish Programme. She will introduce the amazing Go Cornish resources and will help schools integrate the Cornish language into their learning in a meaningful manner.

  • Pol Hodge is our Cornish Language Officer and has been a Community Educator for over 30 years and worked for Kowethas, Kesva as well as the Cornish Language Office.

    Pol Hodge

    Cornish Language Officer

    Pol Hodge B.Eng, PGCE, was born in Redruth in 1965. He obtained distinction at the highest level of Cornish language exam and was barded in 1991. The 2021 Gorsedh Kernow ceremony included the installation of Pol Hodge, Mab Stenak Vur, as ‘Bardh Meur’ (Grand Bard). Pol has been a Community Educator for over 30 years, and worked for Kowethas, Kesva as well as the Cornish Language Office.

    Pol has performed at nearly 400 poetry gigs and lives in Lambriggan with his Cornish speaking wife, Jane.

    At Golden Tree he is ‘Tebel’ (Santa), Kap’n Pol, and a chef who can’t speak English. He does all things ‘Kernewek’ (Cornish).

  • Morgi is a fully trained office dog and the Golden Tree Health and Wellbeing Officer.


    Head of Wellbeing

    Morgi is a fully trained office dog and the Golden Tree Wellbeing Officer. He takes us out for regular walks, eats our apple cores and speaks fluent Cornish.