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Miss You Already

<h2>M.Y.A. Miss You Already- Autumn 2016</h2>
In collaboration with the National Trust and RIO

The National Trust‘s core purpose is to look after special places forever for everyone. However, some of these places, under the constant influence of the sea, are crumbling, shifting and falling away. The Trust has identified various sites along the coast where they are adopting a strategy of ‘managed retreat’. Paradoxically, as part of caring for a place they are gradually letting go of it.
The decision to retain or relinquish a property is based on complex layers of academic evidence. But what has been missing from the decision-making process has often been the ‘contemporary histories’: the personal and emotional meanings that residents and visitors attribute to these places.

Golden Tree will add to the existing knowledge about these places by assembling and curating a missing social dimension to coastal change; creating an archive of how the sea has both shaped and storied our shores. M.Y.A. consists of an intensive period of research and development into coastal change, divided over 3 arts residencies at 3 National Trust locations along the Cornish Coast. Each residency will produce an event, performance or installation.

Besides being a performative event or exhibition on site, we hope that the curated events will serve as a community conversation and consultation, exploring what it means for a community and region to preserve or to give in and let go. The events will be part of a 3-day programme around coastal change, which will be co-organised with various Cornish partners active in the field of coastal change and protection. During this weekend we will engage an audience in artistic events, walks, talks and community conversations around questions like: What is the best way to retreat? What will we loose when? What does change look like exactly? How can we reduce the pain that comes with loosing something that you love?

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