Tickbox Bus

‘Piw os ta?’ Who are you?

“Through hundreds of years of misunderstanding and conflict, Cornish people have been struggling to find their voice and to assert a distinctive identity – now’s the time to have those constructive conversations.”

Challenging perceptions of Cornish identity

In 2014, HM Government recognised the Cornish as a ‘national minority’. In response, the Tick Box Bus was created to lobby for a Cornish tick box in the 2021 census in a thought-provoking and entertaining way.

Commissioned by Cornwall Council and the Framework Convention of the Protection of National Minorities, Golden Tree Productions wanted to challenge notions of ‘Cornishness’ and encourage us all to think about the elements of our identity, such as culture, language and heritage. Thanks to sponsorship from First Kernow, we converted a double decker bus into ‘The Cornish Embassy’, with a beer-tasting pub downstairs and a Cornish embassy upstairs.

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Throughout 2018 and 2019, the Tick Box Bus attended over 20 events across Cornwall, including the Royal Cornwall Show, Man Engine Resurrection Tour, St Piran’s Day and various other local festivities. Members of the public were invited to take part in the ‘Cornish Citizenship Test’, answering questions about Cornwall and Cornish identity to receive their very own ‘tremengummyas’ (Cornish passport). Participants were also given a pin badge of their choice, allowing them to self-identify as Cornish by birth, Cornish by marriage, Cornish by accident, Cornish on purpose, Cornish by ancestry or other.

“It has been a confirmation and affirmation of my Cornishness”

“Despite being born in London, after 44 years I consider myself Cornish and embrace the culture” 

“We are all Cornish”

“An incredibly welcoming and unique experience”