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Over the next 2 to 3 years Golden Tree is developing a strand of creative work around the influence of the sea on the Cornish coast, its communities and culture.

The sea is a carrier of culture, a connector between lands as well as people. She shapes shores and stories – sometimes violently – leaving her traces on our coastal geology, ecology, history and society. Coastal communities have learned to live in such a dynamic ecosystem, bracing and yielding to accommodate her ever-changing nature, as well as integrating whatever wealth washed up on our coast from adjacent shores.

Working with different (international) partners Golden Tree will produce a series of events that each stand on their own and culminate in a piece of epic outdoor theatre in summer of 2017 (‘the Quest’). We will bolster the transatlantic connections with other sea-fairing cultures, celebrating everything that makes us alike and very different at the same. We will explore how communities respond to rising sea levels, and celebrate a coast that is ever-changing.

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