Golden Tree Productions | Tales from Porth

Tales from Porth

The village of Porth lies somewhere in a parallel Cornish universe.

The first set of beautifully-illustrated storybooks feature the mini-adventures of a whole range of the village’s extraordinary inhabitants, including Seagulls, Chairs, Crabs, Teachers, Boats and Celebrities – they all have a tale to tell in Porth!

The DVD which accompanies the books features an interactive map of Porth, plus dozens of ideas, games and activities to get people speaking Cornish whether in school or at home -there’s even a Cornish Quiz.

The ‘Tales from Porth’ games box contains easy to use resources to learn some Cornish! There are also t-shirts available featuring either Kanker, with his slogan “Ke dhe ves!” (Go away) or Kador with his slogan, “Pyth yw an poynt?” (What’s the point?).

‘More Tales from Porth’ is a second series of six tales in a single book complete with pronunciation guide audio CD.

All available from Maga