Denzil Monk

Project Manager

Denzil is a creative producer, social entrepreneur and a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh. Inspired by his first Cornish lessons (aged 6) with Jori Ansell at an after-school club in Gwinear, he has developed his interest in Kernewek through use of the language in his professional life, e.g. producing MAGA’s online Cornish Dictionary, the Tyskennow Kernow DVD series and running the Govyn Kernewek Film Award for several years.

A qualified FE/HE teacher, Denzil has extensive experience in writing and delivery of curriculum and training materials across formal and informal education, in UK and internationally, including as co-founder of Cornwall College’s Beacon Award winning Film School, an inaugural Arts Award advisor and moderator, co-author of the Sfedi/RIO Social Enterprise Qualification, and as a Creative Partnerships Creative Agent.

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