The Kerdroya project is an inspired piece of conservation that combines art, craft and the natural world

Join the Hedge Pledge

Posted on March 2nd, 2020

  • Join the Hedge Pledge

    Get your own stretch of KERDROYA: the Cornish Landscape Labyrinth

    We are building a colossal classical labyrinth, made entirely out of traditional Cornish Hedging, on a disused carpark in the middle of Bodmin Moor. Visit the Kerdroya page for project progress updates and planned timescales.

  • Kerdroya will be a 56m diameter classical labyrinth built of traditional Cornish stone hedging.

    A bit like visiting a megalithic henge crossed with an iron age hillfort, you will follow a single, meandering path through a virtual footprint of Cornwall encountering stretches of artisan stonework celebrating the distinct micro-geology and hedging styles from 12 far flung Cornish locations.

    We are appealing to One and All to make a Hedge Pledge for the future. You can choose to ‘own’ a given stretch of the labyrinth’s hedge – each one yard(ish) stretch corresponds roughly to an actual location in Cornwall.

  • Click on ‘Get My Stretch’ and you can explore the map of Kernow, select and nab the stretch of hedge which most resonates with you (where your granny used to live, yer house number, where you first met your true love, yours or a loved one’s birthday, your house number, your kids ages…?)

    You then get your engraved ‘Marker Disk’ (made by Thrussells, a father and son sculptor team based right there at Colliford) embedded in one of the ‘grounders’ making sure that your stretch of hedge carries your message to the future for hundreds of years to come.

    And owning your own bit of Kernow; your own yard of hedge is only going to cost you £220. Bleddy ‘ell while you’re on, pledge for a hedge in your Granny’s memory, buy a stretch for your better half, for yer kids and grandkids, buy a piece of the future for Kernow. You can also download your standard or custom printable certificate if purchasing as a gift.