Hedge Pledger Contact

‘Hanafas a de?’ Fancy a cup of tea?

We’re getting ready to place the order for your marker disks!

Please check the wording provided on the email and tick the box on this form if it’s all correct. If you want to change anything at all – or if you haven’t provided a message yet – just complete the message lines below. Each line is already set to the maximum number of characters for that line so that you can’t add more text than the engravers can fit on the disk.

It’s really important that you also complete the contact information so that we can easily get in touch if we have any questions or if, for example, we spot an error and want to check it with you. If you’re not sure of your hedge pledge number, we have included it at the top of your email. We’re just asking you to input it again here so that we can be 100% sure that the right message goes with the right disk number.

    If the email you have received shows the correct message please tick this box to confirm:

    01209 206 169