Polici Afydhyans an Yeth Kernewek Gwedhen Owr

Golden Tree Cornish language Quality Assurance Policy

Ni a vynn gul dyffrans dhe Gernow.  

We want to make a difference to Cornwall.


Ni a vynn gweres kavos Kernewek avel yeth vras yn Kernow.

We want to help make Cornish a main stream language in Cornwall.


Yth esen ni owth oberi rag brashe an gwel bosedhek ha bosva ledan a Gernewek.  

We are working to increase the positive perception and widespread presence of Cornish.


Ni a aswon a’n edhom bos hemma ober para gans Onan hag Oll, ha ni oll dyskoryon ha pubonan a wra kammow.

We do recognise that this will need to be a team effort by One and All, as we are all learners and everyone makes mistakes.


Avel kowethas, yth esen ni pup-prys owth assaya gwellhe agan Kernewek hag yth on ni lowen degemeres profyansow. Yth yw agan polici ni oberi gans an profyansow ma pan yns keskomunys yn privedh.

As a company, we are always trying to improve our Kernewek and we are happy to receive all suggestions. It is our policy to engage with those suggestions when they are communicated privately.


Mar kwra hwi merkya kamm y’n Kernewek devnydhys yn gwiasvaow Gwedhen Owr po taklow marghasa po akontow media sosyel mar pleg kestavewgh orthyn ni der e-bostya Pol dhe joe@goldentree.org.uk

If you notice any mistakes in the Kernewek used on any Golden Tree websites, marketing material or social media accounts please let us know by emailing Joe on us joe@goldentree.org.uk


Ha henna degemerys ni a wra hwithra mars yw an kammskrifans; lytherennans yn ken system; kamm digablus; po devnydhans prydydhyek. Ni a wra ewnheans yw res, ha gorthybi dhe’n person neb a gavas an kamm ma.

Once received we will identify if the mistake is a typo; a spelling in another spelling system; an innocent mistake or stylistic choice. We will then make any corrections necessary, while responding to the person who found this mistake.


Meur ras yn avonsyans rag agas gweres ha skoodhyans.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.


An Para Gwedhen Owr

The Golden Tree team.