Dyski Kernewek ha Keskomunyansow

Galow rag Pervedheger(oryon)

Gwedhen Owr a syns an kevambos dyworth Konsel Kernow rag dyski ha skoodhya Kernewek yn skolyow ha kemenethow.

Yth eson ni ow hwilas person yowynk (po dew berson yowynk) ha gansa yeunadow a’n wonisgeth kernewek rag gorra aga nerth ha kreftow dhe’n ragdres.

An pervedheger a wra skoodhya restrans a jonsyow rag dyski Kernewek, y’ga mysk towlennow adhyskansel sesonek yn Lyskerrys ha/po Pennsans.

Yma dhe’n soodh ma rann adhyskansel a vri: rakhenna yth yw hwansadow bos mall ganso a dhyski fleghes ha pobel yowynk po kavos seulabrys prevyans a oberi gansa.

Oos: 18-30
Abelder Yeth: mar nyns yw kerneweger seulabrys, dhe’n lyha les hirdermyn ha bodh dhe gewsel a-barth an yeth.
Gnasow Personek : kreftow-pobel da, lowenek, nerthek, parys dhe hwartha.
Kevadewder: 1a ha 2a mis Kevardhu 2017
23ens-25ens mis Meurth 2018

Pervedhyans rann-dermyn tylys orth gradh kesstrivus (a-dro 1 jydh pub seythen)
Spenansow lavurya tylys, ostyans ha sostenans proviys may fo gwiw.
Chons a ober pella a’n eghen ma.

Danvenewgh dhyn derivas a les berr (namoy es unn tu A4!), leverewgh dhyn ni nebes geryow a-dro dhywgh agas honan, agas kevren gans an yeth kernewek ha py rannow a’n ragdres yw an gwella genowgh. Linen varow : 29ves mis Gwynngala 2017. Danvenewgh dhe: joe@goldentree.org.uk

Cornish Language Learning and Communications

Call for Cornish Language Intern(s)

Golden Tree holds the contract from Cornwall Council to teach and support the Cornish Language in schools and communities.
We are looking for a young person (or two young people) with a passion for Cornish culture to add their energy and skills to the project.

The intern will support with the running of Cornish Language learning opportunities, including seasonal education programmes in Liskeard and/or Penzance.

The role has a significant educational component: an interest in teaching or experience of working with children and young people is desirable.

Age: 18-30
Language Ability: if not already a Cornish speaker, at least a long term interest and willingness to advocate on behalf of the language
Personal Qualities: good people skills, cheerful, energetic, up-for-a-laugh
Availability: 1st and 2nd December 2017
23rd-25th March 2018

Part time internship paid at competitive rate (approx 1 day per week)
Travel expenses paid, accommodation and subsistence provided where appropriate.
Possibility of further work in this field.

Send us a short expression of interest (no more than one side of A4!), tell us a little bit about yourself, your relationship with the Cornish language and which aspects of the project most appeal to you. Deadline: 29th September 2017. Send to: joe@goldentree.org.uk