Kerdroya Community Engagement Assistant
Gwereser Kevrenna-kemeneth Rag Kerdroya

Golden Tree Productions is inviting applications for a full-time project assistant for a three-month placement starting asap. We encourage applications from anyone interested in the advertised role, including those who have in the past felt excluded by barriers often present in traditional employment and recruitment processes.

This role is to assist with the Kerdroya Cornish Hedge Community Heritage Project and all events taking place as part of the project between April and July 2019. This is an exciting community engagement project which looks to celebrate the humble Cornish hedge through staging events in all 12 of the AONB sections across Cornwall.

You will be part of a small team delivering the project and will be required to get involved with project administration, communication and marketing tasks including social media.

The Project

Kerdroya: The Cornish Landscape Labyrinth’ is the successful bid for the ‘Diamond Landscapes’ initiative, celebrating 60 years of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The project has two distinct phases the first being Community Engagement work in 12 of the AONB sections across Cornwall. Working with the National Trust, who are key members of the Cornwall AONB Partnership, we have identified 12 stretches of Cornish hedge in iconic locations, each in need of conservation and repair. Local master hedgers will work with community groups and schools, passing on knowledge and skills to create a diverse team of ‘Hedge Stewards’. In each of the adopted hedges, rebuilt in the specific local style, there will be an art installation that will link to the main Kerdroya site. The 12 sites will comprise a Cornwall AONB-wide trail exploring and interpreting the fabulous landscapes of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and specifically the contribution of the Cornish hedge as a key feature of the landscape.

The second and later phase is the construction of a 50m diameter classical labyrinth built from traditional Cornish hedging at Colliford Lake, in the heart of Bodmin Moor.

The Company

Gwriansow Gwedhen Owr – ni a wra displegya ha delivra ragdresow gonisogethel a wra diskudha ha golya disblanseth ha diversita Kernow.

Golden Tree Productions is a Cornish-led community interest company developing and delivering constructive cultural projects that uncover and celebrate Cornwall’s distinctiveness and diversity.

We work in collaboration with audiences that are currently under-engaged in culture and heritage, particularly those that are disadvantaged. We design cultural and educational solutions, intended to make a meaningful and lasting difference to these communities.


Remote and office based

  • Golden Tree is based in the Trelawney Suite, The Old Arts School, Clinton Road, Redruth.
  • The community engagement events are taking place across 12 sites, one in each AONB section across Cornwall

There will be the opportunity to work from home on certain days.

It would be useful to have a driving license and the use of a vehicle for this placement as events for the project are to take place in locations across Cornwall often on remote headlands. However, if you do not have this and feel you have a suitable transport alternative please still apply and we can explore this further.

Working Pattern and Salary

40 hours per week paid at National Living Wage for a three-month period, ideally starting on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

It would be helpful but not essential if you have your own computer and phone.

Responsible to

Community Engagement Project Manager

Key Responsibilities

Throughout the duration of the contract you will work as one of our team, representing Golden Tree and our interests. We will expect you to do so in line with our Manifesto, Values, Policies and Procedures.

Project Management/Administration including:

  • Email inquiries connected to the project.
  • Book events taking place in each AONB area, based on the availability of all parties involved, and communicating dates to all relevant people.
  • Maintaining the diary for all events connected with this project.
  • Booking relevant venues for events taking place within each AONB area.
  • Updating project documents about each of the 12 sites being used in this project and communicate this information to all necessary parties.
  • Ensuring all information and equipment is available to the right persons for each event taking place.

Communications and Marketing including:

Using a template created by a communications and marketing manager assist with the following for each set of events in each of the 12 AONB areas:

  • A press release, sent to the local press in the immediate location
  • Facebook event creation for the community lecture and volunteer hedge workshop
  • A mini social media campaign for each location
  • The creation of a flyer/poster for each location
  • Influencer outreach in each location, asking key people in the local community to spread the word online
  • Marketing partnership outreach (e.g asking local attractions/cafes/libraries to spread the word on their social medial accounts/notice boards)
  • Content creation for any parish newsletters etc.
  • Capture the project through photos and recordings on mobile phone.
  • Capture feedback on the project from participants.

Skills and Interests of the applicant:

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivated and pro active
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Good English language skills
  • Administrative/organisational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Proficient using Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Calendar and Doodle Poll.
  • Interest in and some experience of using social media for communications and marketing
  • Interest in and some experience of writing copy for social media platforms and press releases
  • Interest in Cornish heritage/conservation
  • Interest in community engagement projects within the heritage and culture sectors in Cornwall.

This is not an exhaustive list of the responsibilities: the placement assumes further responsibilities as may be reasonably expected to ensure high quality delivery of the project.

To Apply

Please send us the following by 6pm on Monday 22nd April to

A covering letter telling us;

  • why you are interested in this placement
  • any relevant experience you think helps show you are the right person for the role
  • which of the required skills and interests you have and can demonstrate
  • your highest qualification/s i.e. GCSE, BTEC etc including grades or alternatively a CV if you have one

A sample plan:

The first event for the South Coast Eastern AONB will be a community lecture, entitled ‘The Hidden Value of the Humble Hedge’, delivered by archaeologist Ann Reynolds at Whitecross Village Hall (Lanteglos, Fowey) on Thursday 11th April at 7.30pm. We want to publicise this event in the local area and use it to make people aware of the wider project and of the upcoming ‘hedging taster workshop’ which is open to all.
Please create a sample plan to show how you would publicise the event to ensure the lecture is well attended.

We will be meeting shortlisted applicants the week commencing Monday 22nd April with a view to the successful person beginning on Wednesday 1st May.

This placement has been possible by through Cultivator’s Braver Recruitment Programme.