Golden Tree Productions | Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm – Autumn 2015

In collaboration with the University of Exeter

However hard we try to preserve paths, harbours, houses, beaches, livelihoods and lifestyles, change is inherent to our coastal experience. What do we hold on to and what do we let go? When do we brace ourselves and when do we yield? How to deal with the ever-changing unpredictable entity that is the sea?

6 Cornish artists joined us in an exploration of these questions by involving different groups that know about the sea: fishermen, national trust rangers, policymakers, climate academics, residents of coastal communities, harbour masters and builders of sea defenses. This resulted in an outdoor performance event in Porthleven about how one Cornish coastal community responds to the ever-changing dynamics of the climate and extreme weather.

‘Weather the Storm’ was created in collaboration with the University of Exeter, as part of the AXA research project about community resilience in the face of extreme weather. We also worked with a group from Kenya, S.A.F.E. Kenya, who devised a community theatre piece about coastal change and communities in Kenya. The Kenyan performers joined in as audience for our performance event. And we all engaged in an intercultural exchange around outdoor/community theatre and resilience.