Golden Tree Productions | Gogmagog


Tracing their roots back to the siege of Troy, the Pirates of the Dream Goddess have crash-landed their gleaming spacecraft in Kernow.

Heading up this press-gang of cosmic-smugglers is Cap’n Brutus. He is rounding-up a bunch of unsuspecting refugees to help him make his dream come true; before you know it we will all be sailing off through space-time to colonise an uncharted planet.

But, defending the New World against all incomers is that most fearsome of all legendary giants, Gogmagog.

Where amongst us is the hero who might challenge this alien monster to a Cornish Wrestling bout and fulfill the ancient prophecy? Step up Corin, the Intergalactic Giant-Slayer!
Golden Tree Productions, the makers of ‘Kernocopia’ and ‘Seize the Day’, produced an extraordinary collision of ancient and contemporary Cornish culture. As in a medieval ‘Plen an Gwari’ amphitheatre, the set, staging and performers surrounded the audience, immersing them in the action.


Gogmagog was our most ambitious theatre project to date. It was our contemporary reworking of the ancient Cornish creation myth, which reveals a timeless story of conflict, survivors and asylum-seeking.

Our experimental, experiential amphitheatre (the Planet Kernow Embassy) toured iconic locations across Cornwall during the summer of 2014 with epic, immersive and participative theatrical storytelling at its heart…


Gogmagog Team
Evaluataion Report